Frequently Asked Questions

About Wrell

  • Wrell Marketing Inc. is a online marketing company based in Miami, FL. We are a small team, but can handle big work. Our team is not only knowledgeable and great at online marketing, but it our passion as well.

  • Since May, 2014. We have started selling our services to the public in March of 2015.

  • We specialize in the areas of Website Design, Graphic Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. We are also learning more about PPC and SEP, but we feel these are not are as effective for our clients usually.

  • English, Spanish, Dutch, Polish,  or Russian.  is spoken by one or more of our Wrell Team members. If you speak another language, we could still help you through our extensive network, and find some one who speaks your language to partner up with us. 

About Ordering

  • Yes, in fact it is the safest method of payment available. The entire ordering process is done through an affiliate partner PayPal, and they are the leading only checkout processors in the industry. When ordering through PayPal, your payment or credit card information will not even be shared with us. We only receive the payment through our own PayPal account. Making it as secure as ordering from nearly any other major website.

  • No, there are no hidden fees, and there will be no additional fees added to your bill. The only way you may have a higher cost is if you request upgrades, or extra work

  • Yes, you can always order any service over the phone, see our Contact Page for our contact info. How ever, it is easier to order online, to learn more about online ordering see our How It Works Page for more information on how to order services.

  • Yes, this is why designed the Wrell website with such attention to detail, and a fully functional e-commerce store built in. It is easier to order online, to learn more about online ordering see our How It Works Page for more information on how to order services.

About Our Services

  • No, you may cancel anytime with a 30 day notice. How ever, if a 30 day notice is not given, then in some instances a fee may be given. 

  • We use Wordpress, but we have a far more advanced development process compared to most Wordpress Designers. So the results are not these simply built websites like most of our competitors produce. Our websites are very complex, and have many extra features we added through the use of plugins and additional coding.  Nothing compared to something like a Wix or Weebly website.

  • Yes, once you have paid your balance in full, and we have completed the website you will have full ownership. You may cancel or transfer anytime with a 30 day notice.

Other Questions

  • Mitch R. the CEO & Founder of Wrell Marketing Inc. Building websites is not quite his passion, but helping marketing, and customers certainly is. He knew websites are one of the most important roles played in today’s modern world, so he became an expert. 

  • Yes, we have added a reviewing system to our website, so this way you can leave reviews on services we have rendered. It is only for confirmed customers. If you would like to provide other feedback feel free to contact us.

  • Yes, we have added a promo code discounting system to our website, so simply during the check out you can add the promo code, and your discount will automatically be applied to your cart items. If you would like to receive discounts and other offers via email feel free to sign up for the Newsletter here.